About Tech Beat

Owner/Founder - Jacob Putnam
Software Developer In Test For 12+ years

"My vision for Tech Beat was to create a place where talented people can grow their skills, find the help they need, and use their talents to provide amazing services and solutions to our clients"

Tech Beat is made up of a community of a highly motivated group of individuals with experience in all aspects of quality and automation.

Simply put, we help you deliver faster, more secure, high performant, amazing quality solutions/products to your customers.


Our clients and partners

Range of Services
We Like To Find Simple Solutions To Complex Challenges

Codeless Solutions

Not ready to implement a fully coded strategy? We have many options for industry leading codeless tools

Manual Solutions

Have a need for manual resources to get you up to speed on a project or just fill in the gaps due to fluctuating personnel? Weve got you covered

Analysis Tool

The four of functions of management included planning deciding upon on business goals the methods

Coded Solutions

Complex coded automation solutions for clients who have a desire for complete customization and integration


Your needs are constantly changing, let us help you stay up to date by supporting you through growing pains or just general challenges


  • Overview of current quality practices                                                                     
  • Understanding how client applications function, and what needs to be automated                                                                                            
  • Tool suggestions to help implement new testing framework                                            
  • Explanation of pros and cons based on our selection for your application(s)                                                                                                                                          
  • Discuss implementation deadlines, pricing and completion time


  • Analysis: Analyze your situation to understand the gaps you need to fill                                                                                                                             
  • Design: Based on your analysis, make informed decisions to design the best possible solution for you.                                                                                                                                      
  • Development: Bring your language experience to life by building your end-product                                                                     
  • Implementation: Distribute your end-product to your team                                    
  • Evaluation: Evaluate if your testing needs are met and identify any gaps in our analysis


  •  Post implementation development work                                        
  • Additional training for staff                                                                       
  • Issue management and resolution                                                                              
  • Maintain contact for any future updates or major changes                                                                 
  • Help assist with any existing automation needs/projects that are currently road blocked                                                                                   
  • High level consultation of best practices and test strategies that need tweaking

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